Simplified SEVEN Steps Procedure for USA

The information on how to get into USA to practice dentistry is scattered all over internet. The most simplified format is given below. Contact us for details of each step, or to get your queries answered.

1. Identify the state where you want to practice.


You must obtain additional dental education in USA to get the licensure. The purpose of the additional education requirement is to prepare individuals from other countries for dental practice in the U.S. health care delivery system, including dental insurance and third party payers, regulation of dental practice by state boards and infection control requirements. These programs are described in Step 4.


   a.  Educational and Lecensure requirements for International Dentists vary from state to state. Hence the first step is to review various state boards' requirements given in this document - State Licensure Requirements.

   b.  Based on that review your second step should be to determine the state(s) where you wish to obtain a license and then contact that specific state board(s)-  State Dental Boards

2. Get information of NBDE and complete the essential steps for pre-NBDE.

     What are the essential pre-NBDE steps?

3. Prepare and Pass NBDE I with high score.

    How to prepare?

4. Apply for and choose the "Additional Educational Program" to receive graduation.

    What are the types of programs?

5. Take up NBDE II and pass the examination.

    How to prepare?

6. Pass a clinical licensing examination administered by a state or regional clinical testing agency.

7. Apply for state registration. Plus get other formalities such as insurance completed.